Become Invaluable

Learn the right skills, in order to increase productivity and performance, cut time spent on maintenance, and avoid production breaking.

Most courses and classes don't teach the skills required in a professional environment, but only the basics. In the end, you're not able to work on a real-world project. To stand out as a skilled developer implies increasing your rate and greater job security. It also gives you more opportunities to pick from, and the ability to choose your favorite among them

Grow you career by a few years, in a few days

You could spend months, or even years, looking for the right technical choices, processes, and practices.

Instead, I provide you with every piece of knowledge you need, in a single place. In this training, you will find a lot of opinionated choices, which make it both practical and concise. You will follow a structured curriculum with the right choices made and explained.

About the instructor

Teddy Morin

Software Engineer

Teddy is a full-stack Software Engineer. He has experience as a Developer, Lead Developer, teacher, and technical writer. Previously, he had the opportunity to work on projects at scale, in industries like pharmaceutical or e-commerce. His mission here is to provide you with courses he didn't have so you don't waste time in your software journey.

What are you going to learn?

    1. Introduction

    2. Potential frameworks and why we use NestJS

    3. How to make the most out of this course

    4. What are we going to build

    5. Questions

    1. Bootstrap a NestJS application

    2. Module & Decorators

    3. Controller & Service

    4. Middleware

    5. Exceptions

    6. Pipes

    7. Guards & Interceptors

    1. Core architecture

    2. Linters & related configurations

    3. How do professionals commit?

    4. How to set up authentication?

    1. Which database and client to use

    2. Why you shouldn't use TypeORM

    3. Getting started with Prisma

    4. Migrations

    5. Querying

    1. Controller and dependencies

    2. Service

    3. Hashing with bcrypt

    4. Wrapping up

    1. Setting up Swagger

    2. Documenting endpoints

    3. Improving setup

About this course

  • 126 lessons
  • 10.5 hours of video content

What's included?

  • Lifetime Access

    Once registered, you will be able to access 120+ lessons, with 10+ hours of high-quality content without any limit. Progress at your own pace, and learn what we actually do in the professional world.

  • Direct Messages

    In the introduction section, you will find a link that will give your a privileged access to the author's messaging application. There, you will be able to ask anything about the course and make request for additional content.

  • Deep Dive into Testing

    Most learning materials treat tests as optional whereas they're the cornerstone of any enterprise-level application. You will learn how we write tests the right way and be confident before deployment while keeping amazing productivity. That includes a more classic environment first, followed by a deep dive in testing with microservices.

  • Versatile skillset

    Obviously, we will discuss development (and testing) in-depth, but they're not the only skills required to work on enterprise-grade applications. As we go with the course, you will dive into software architecture, automation, and more generally quality.

  • Free bonus

    You will be able to access all the future content and get regular updates.

What's going to change after taking this course?

Through this course, you will learn all the technologies, practice, and processes that will make you an invaluable developer.

You will learn how to create clean back-end applications, alone or with multiple teams, with the ability to last over time, low debt, and high performance.

You will be able to get ahead of the competition: you will  improve your skills but also make your profile more attractive as a professional, no matter if you work as a contractor or employee.

What's the difference with other learning materials?

I sometimes criticise online courses for teaching only the theory or how to use a technology. Instead, on ScalableBackend, you will learn how we build commercial projects from beginning to end.

We will build everything around NestJS & TypeScript, because they're great choices, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. In order to avoid accumulating technical debt, we will focus on structuring our application well, using the right tools, and writing high-quality implementations.

We will discover how to  manage data, talk about security, performance, or the importance of documentation. One of the biggest causes of failure is a lack of test in quality or quantity. Here, you will discover how to make use of tests in the real world, to ensure behaviours are the ones you expect, and improve productivity.

In the end, there is a single skill you will lack to keep a healthy application over time: setting up the development process, with the CI/CD and deployment. That's why you're going to do it along with me. 

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