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Finally Understand Testing With NodeJS, In Practice

Learn how to properly write tests in a Back-End environment. In practice, you will build an ExpressJS/TypeScript application, using Test-Driven-Development.

Enterprise Grade Back-End Development with NodeJS

Learn how to write reliable backend applications using Node.JS & NestJS!

Micro-Services: the ultimate guide (using NestJS)

Learn how to properly break a monolith into multiple micro-services, starting from a NodeJS/NestJS app.

Scalable Backend: from Zero to Hero (Bundle)

Learn how to create clean and hyper-scalable backend applications from A to Z. Save 15% by taking both courses at the same time.

Advanced ScalableBackend: from Zero to Hero with Mentoring

Access two hours of one-on-one mentoring calls in addition to both courses "Enterprise Grade Back-End Development with NodeJS" and "Microservices: the ultimate guide (using NestJS)".

Everything About Clean Architecture on the Backend

Master Clean Architecture, Hexagonal Architecture, and more, to make your application actually last in time.